Monday, December 8, 2008


I've been tAgGeD:

I was tagged by my friend, Susie Tesch

I am: A sister, a daughter, a student, a child of God, a cousin, a friend, a substitute teacher, 

I think:  Music can ease a mind and calm a stormy heart

I know: It's all about the lOvE.  Love makes the world go round in the best way.  Seriously.  Whatever kind you've got...  Love for family, friends, neighbors, significant others...  

I want:  my dreams to come true someday... and until then, Britney's newest CD!

I have: SO MANY amazing friends.  I am such a lucky girl!!!!!

I dislike: driving in snow, boring classes, annoying co-workers

I miss:  Preschool in Teacher Laura's class, daniel, living with my sister, my little brother (he's a missionary)

I fear: my weaknesses will take over...  And the dreams won't happen...

I feel:  grateful and often anxious

I hear: Colplay's "Swallowed in the Sea" playing in the background. Predictable..  I know.

I smell:  A yUmMy Christmas Candle from B&B Works

I crave:  Sushi

I cry:  When something touches my heart, sometimes in a sad way, and sometimes in a happy way.

I search:  for truth, and love I guess in a way.

I wonder: When I'll go back to Europe

I regret:  The negative things i've said...  but not all my mistakes, most of them have brought new knowledge and clarity about this life we live. And sometimes I regret my pink hair...

I wish: Peace on Earth...  Seriously, wouldn't that rock?

I love:  my family and friends.  My kindergarteners, So. Weber 7th Ward, having the fun times

I care: about the future...  How we vote.. how we live, how we raise our kids..  it all matters.

I always: laugh too loud.

I worry: about stuff. Maybe not enough though.

I am nOt: giving up!!!!

I remember: I forget a lot, but if I remember, it's the details..  What I wore that day, how i did my hair, what was said, how it happened, sometimes I wish I could make myself forget certain times.

I believe: We all make a difference in this world.

I sing: all the time!  NO one usually hears though...  

I dOn'T: always do what I should, when I should...

I aRgUe: when i'm right :)

I write: in my Tagesbuch, letters to my brother, or when I have time for a blog

I wiN: lately I've been killing it at Scrabble (playing against Anna)

I lOse: when I play Scrabble against Cecilia.

I lisTeN: to iTunes, and not yet Christmas music- I don't know what I'm waiting for... maybe the snow...

I dOn'T understand: as much as I wish I did about politics

I can uSually be fOund: at Club Heights Elementary School, or hanging with friends, or home in my princess room.

I nEeD: a bit more time before I go back to mother Idaho.  

I forGet: almost anything I don't put in my phone with an alarm.

I aM hApPy: often. Usually when I think about my blessings...  All the things I don't deserve, but am fortunate enough to have in my life.

Now I tAg...  Christy Hodges, Teacher Laura, Hilary, Nathan, Steph (double tag, now you have to!!), Jess Rowlan, Cousin April, Lisa Holmsey, Jenny Lorz...


susie tesch said...

I think thats awesome that you want Brittany's new cd. People are making fun of me that I want it.

Alysa said...

haha, let's stand proud! I think I'll always be a fan of Britney!! :)

susie tesch said...

Hey girl I need your email Im going private so I want to add you.

susie tesch said...

email me so I can get your address

Brian Jessica Rowlan said...

Alysa ! HOw are you? we have been trying to get a hold of you. call me jess

Alysa said...

I will! I will!