Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Yes!!  I got to go to Coldplay!  I passed up purchasing tickets in September, when I should have, but my fabulous friend, Devin, offered me one of his!  And it was an amazing show.  Our seats were way up top, in section YY, three rows from the very top of the Energy Solutions Arena.  Still, the view of the concert was perfect.  And the music was clear and great.  They played all the greatest from Viva la Vida and even some songs from X&Y, and of course, "Yellow."  We stood almost the whole time and enjoyed the exciting show Coldplay put on.  They even came out into the audience to play "The Hardest Part."  The Viva la Vida tour is TOTALLY worth seeing!!!!  I did forget to bring my camera INSIDE the concert, so the pictures of the concert I have are taken with my phone-not so great detail, but you get the idea.

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Christy said...

What!? I didn't know you had a blog of your own!?!!? I am so excited to read all of it and get caught up! How are you doing? Cold Play is so awesome! Glad you got to go!