Monday, February 16, 2009


I haven't posted in fOrEvEr!  I have been fairly busy these past few months.  I am in school again.(yay!)  At Weber State.  I freaking love that school.  I get such a giddy feeling as I walk through the Union building.  I have some pretty sweet classes this semester, including a German class with Frau Daines.  And a Children's Literature class.  Way fun!

 The only thing I miss about Rexburg is living in the same town as Jessica and Brian and the girls.   :(  I am planning a trip up to see them soon though, so that will help fill the Rowlan void in my heart.  

I am still working at Club Heights Elementary School.  I am still loving the kindergarteners.  (Even as we learn how to listen... and sit still, and not swear, and not run away from school...)

Life is great! 

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