Monday, December 8, 2008


I've been tAgGeD:

I was tagged by my friend, Susie Tesch

I am: A sister, a daughter, a student, a child of God, a cousin, a friend, a substitute teacher, 

I think:  Music can ease a mind and calm a stormy heart

I know: It's all about the lOvE.  Love makes the world go round in the best way.  Seriously.  Whatever kind you've got...  Love for family, friends, neighbors, significant others...  

I want:  my dreams to come true someday... and until then, Britney's newest CD!

I have: SO MANY amazing friends.  I am such a lucky girl!!!!!

I dislike: driving in snow, boring classes, annoying co-workers

I miss:  Preschool in Teacher Laura's class, daniel, living with my sister, my little brother (he's a missionary)

I fear: my weaknesses will take over...  And the dreams won't happen...

I feel:  grateful and often anxious

I hear: Colplay's "Swallowed in the Sea" playing in the background. Predictable..  I know.

I smell:  A yUmMy Christmas Candle from B&B Works

I crave:  Sushi

I cry:  When something touches my heart, sometimes in a sad way, and sometimes in a happy way.

I search:  for truth, and love I guess in a way.

I wonder: When I'll go back to Europe

I regret:  The negative things i've said...  but not all my mistakes, most of them have brought new knowledge and clarity about this life we live. And sometimes I regret my pink hair...

I wish: Peace on Earth...  Seriously, wouldn't that rock?

I love:  my family and friends.  My kindergarteners, So. Weber 7th Ward, having the fun times

I care: about the future...  How we vote.. how we live, how we raise our kids..  it all matters.

I always: laugh too loud.

I worry: about stuff. Maybe not enough though.

I am nOt: giving up!!!!

I remember: I forget a lot, but if I remember, it's the details..  What I wore that day, how i did my hair, what was said, how it happened, sometimes I wish I could make myself forget certain times.

I believe: We all make a difference in this world.

I sing: all the time!  NO one usually hears though...  

I dOn'T: always do what I should, when I should...

I aRgUe: when i'm right :)

I write: in my Tagesbuch, letters to my brother, or when I have time for a blog

I wiN: lately I've been killing it at Scrabble (playing against Anna)

I lOse: when I play Scrabble against Cecilia.

I lisTeN: to iTunes, and not yet Christmas music- I don't know what I'm waiting for... maybe the snow...

I dOn'T understand: as much as I wish I did about politics

I can uSually be fOund: at Club Heights Elementary School, or hanging with friends, or home in my princess room.

I nEeD: a bit more time before I go back to mother Idaho.  

I forGet: almost anything I don't put in my phone with an alarm.

I aM hApPy: often. Usually when I think about my blessings...  All the things I don't deserve, but am fortunate enough to have in my life.

Now I tAg...  Christy Hodges, Teacher Laura, Hilary, Nathan, Steph (double tag, now you have to!!), Jess Rowlan, Cousin April, Lisa Holmsey, Jenny Lorz...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I don't know exactly when, perhaps in 8th grade, I got the idea that dying a chunk of my hair pink would be amazing.  So when my friend, Lynsi text me and asked if I wanted to dye my hair pink with her...I jumped right in, without even thinking it through... or reading the label...

The little plastic can of pink punky hair dye says it'll wash out in 5-40 days...  It's been a few weeks, and I still have pink hair...

The Hush Sound & One Republic

The Hushsound and One Republic played at the Dee Events Center a few weeks ago.  Augustana was supposed to come, but they couldn't make it because the lead singer was injured recently.  They say he fell of the stage...  I got the ticket mostly because of Augustana, (they are fantastic!) but I fell in love with the Hush Sound.  Such a fun band.  The lead girl jams out to the piano and has a killer voice.  It's mostly up-beat stuff with fun lyrics I totally relate to.

And, not gonna lie, after seeing them perform live, One Republic is one of my newest favorites now too.  they have a great stage presence and put on a fun show.


Yes!!  I got to go to Coldplay!  I passed up purchasing tickets in September, when I should have, but my fabulous friend, Devin, offered me one of his!  And it was an amazing show.  Our seats were way up top, in section YY, three rows from the very top of the Energy Solutions Arena.  Still, the view of the concert was perfect.  And the music was clear and great.  They played all the greatest from Viva la Vida and even some songs from X&Y, and of course, "Yellow."  We stood almost the whole time and enjoyed the exciting show Coldplay put on.  They even came out into the audience to play "The Hardest Part."  The Viva la Vida tour is TOTALLY worth seeing!!!!  I did forget to bring my camera INSIDE the concert, so the pictures of the concert I have are taken with my phone-not so great detail, but you get the idea.


I know I should have put this up last month, but a few weeks ago, I sat with my sister and brother-in-law and made up this awesome list.  Reading over it, I think it's just as true this month...
Some random things I'm thankful for:
Freakin fabulous family (parents, sisters, brother, cousins, grandparents, aunts & uncles), truly Amazing friends, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, Scriptures, Prophets, prayer, the opportunity to serve a mission, my education, Kindergarteners, a car (or truck) to drive, e-mail, Institute, great music, fun concerts, iTunes, puppies, nail polish, Sephora, that store my sister works in, my ward, pretty flowers, crunchy leaves, lippy, sunshine, sunsets, clorox cleaning wipes, little pigs, a place to live (my princess room), clothes, H&M, the Buckel, Lappy, singing, BABIES, parties, sports, good books, bright colors, the Mountains, a little cat, miracles, good movies, hair appointments, letters in the mail, fashion mags, sorbet, tea, hot cocoa, shoes, quiet snow, a snuggly blanket, scarves, boys, Disneyland, granola, the OAC, cell phone, cookies, games, candles, attitude, facebook, post cards, naps, jokes, Haribo, cholcolate, trident, soap, a warm shower, hats, resilience, open mindedness, umbrellas, voting, new words, hope, fabric softener, IKea, Christmastime, old people, neighbors, nächstenliebe...