Thursday, October 30, 2008

wHy i LoVe kInDeRgArTeN

After substitute teaching during the day, I get to spend a few hours with the most adorable kindergarteners ever!  There are two angelic girls and four special boys.  I love my girls because they are ultra sweet and very cute.  But I love my boys because they are honestly ...  so crazy.  I had to ban kindergarten boys from jump ropes after they tied up a third grade girl to the fence and used jump ropes for "rock climbing" up the playground.  And we have now started to substitute "snuggle" for other special words that accidently get dropped at times of kindergarten frustration.   

Some of our favorite things to do together are; read a chapter from Wayside Stories from Wayside School, practice our letters and sounds, write our names, playdough, sand & water table, aqua doodle...  We also get to do fun art!  We made a candy corn out of torn up paper, we decorated our own pumpkin cookies after we read about the old woman who wasn't afraid of anything, go for nature looks, and practice walking in a straight line.

hAlLoWeEn wEeK!

I like to have fun, and this week has been extra jam-packed with fun and friends.  There was Frightmares, Texas Roadhouse, pumpkin carving, sleep overs, a party almost every night, trunk or treating, ...  I'm about ready to fall over with exhaustion!  I wish however, that we would have taken more pictures of our fun!