Monday, February 16, 2009

eLdeR lOrNe

A tribute to the missionary.  My brother has been a missionary for 5 months now.  WOW.  My sister and I were talking the other day and decided that although we know he's out there doing God's work, we miss him like crazy.  He is still in Virginia Beach, his first area.  Lorne really likes his trainer and it sounds like he is picking up the Spanish well.  My favorite thing about his letters is that he talks so much about the work.  I can tell that he is immersed in the people and the teaching.  His heart is all wrapped up with it already.  This shows me that he is already an amazing missionary.  I have some pics from that sad day in October when we said, "Auf Wiedersehen."  


The Hodsons said...

ok, so when did everyone in your family get so grown-up....crazy! Yay for your brother!!!

Alysa said...

I know! Huh! THat's how I feel about it too!

Brett and April said...

yay!! I love your family!!